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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Marble Easter Eggs

Did you decorate Easter Eggs this year?  For some reason, Easter is a holiday that I haven't been very good at developing traditions for.  It sneaks up on me each year and then I suddenly realize "Easter is this weekend!" and I start to scramble.  This year was no exception.  We did, however, have the supplies to try a new-to-us method of egg decorating that a friend suggested to me last year, so I was able to manage that child-required project without too much trouble.

Step 1: Spray a shallow layer of shaving foam in the bottom of the pan and spread it out smoothly.
Step 2: Squirt drips of food coloring around the pan - I limited each child to three colors.
Step 3: Use a skewer or other pointy object to swirl the colors together
Don't swirl too much or you start to get muddy brownish puddles
Step 4: Set a hard-boiled egg down in one end of the pan and roll the egg through the shaving foam.
This part was a bit tricky, as the egg sort of mounded up the foam in front of it but didn't really want to roll.  It got very messy!
Step 5: Carefully lift the very slippery egg out of the foam and set it to dry.
Step 6: Wait for the food coloring and foam to start to dry, and then you can carefully wipe the remains off the eggshells.
The kids really like this one and I think, if I can remember, that we will do it again next year.  The eggs really are pretty.  I would do one thing differently, though.  The shaving foam left a slight smell on the eggshells that wasn't exactly appetizing, so I might try a different base for the food coloring.  Do you think whipped cream would work?

Happy belated Easter, everyone.

PS - If this project seems slightly familiar, the kids and I have done a similar project using paper.  You can find it here and here.

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