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Monday, June 8, 2015

Camping or CAMPING?

There's camping, and then there is CAMPING.  Do you know what I mean?  Well, let me explain.  Regular old camping is what happens when a family loads up their gear and drives to a campground, sets up their tent or camper in beautiful weather, has fun during the day doing relaxing camping activities, cooks marshmallows in the evening, goes to sleep at night in a tent (or camper) where the windows are open to catch the breeze so you don't get too hot, and then goes home at the end of the trip saying "that was lots of fun".  CAMPING is when seven moms load up their thirty-two kids (plus one on the way) and go camping as a group (with the dads mostly away at work), the weather is chilly, the activities are not relaxing (imagine 20 of those kids riding bikes around the loop - I'm thinking bike safety school might be in order if we ever do a repeat), marshmallows are inhaled at an alarming rate, raccoons make their presence very clear, the nights drop into the "very chilly" category, and the kids scream "THAT WAS AWESOME!  WHEN CAN WE GO AGAIN?" on the car ride home.

Which one do you think more closely describes our recent trip with our homeschool group?  I really hope you picked CAMPING!

When we could pry the kids off their bikes, we took nature walks,
ate all kinds of tasty camp food,
(pancake batter pre-mixed in a milk jug gets a big thumbs up from me)
and visited the nature center.


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