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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Brother-In-Law Project

I think I have mentioned here before that camping is a project, so I wasn't going to do a post about our most recent trip (our 11th summer in a row of us camping with my sister and her family), but since my brother-in-law asked "Is this going to show up on your blog" after every innocent photograph I took I decided that I would do a post in his honor.  We'll call it "The Brother-In-Law Project."
On Friday night the "BIL Project" involved roasting and eating marshmallows and s'mores.
On Saturday the project included hiking,
children getting their faces painted at the Waubeka Flag Day celebration,
a nature lesson on Bluebirds,
and Flag Day fireworks.
On Sunday the "Brother-In-Law Project" consisted of hiding from the rain, taking down a soggy camp, and finally some time spent at the Ozaukee County Pioneer Village.
A good project was had by all brothers-in-law present.

Happy camping, everyone.

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Aaron said...

This was a really neat weekend - best we've had in a couple years I think, if for nothing else less fear about babies falling into fire pits and lots of free fun things to do!