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Monday, June 1, 2015

Having Fun Helping Mom

Well, we are getting set to head off camping again this afternoon so prepare yourself for a future post featuring some sort of camping related project.  Today, however, I thought I'd show you a little project the kids did for me not long after we got home from our vacation.  It was a belated Mother's Day type project, where they had fun making stuff to feed their mom's addiction to storage containers and organizational aids.

The first step took me several months, although it wasn't difficult.  I had to collect and save empty cereal boxes and toilet paper tubes.  With my family, the chore is maintaining a supply of FULL cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls, not collect the empties.  TMI?  Sorry.

Anyway, the next step was to cut the top of the cereal boxes off, leaving a short box the height of the toilet paper rolls.  I suppose you could measure and mark straight lines, but we just sorta eye-balled it and it worked out fine.
 Then that short box was wrapped in colorful duct tape (being sure to overlap the top edges because cereal boxes give nasty paper cuts!) and the tubes were set inside.
 Finally, makers and colored pencils and pens and other writing implements were placed inside the tubes, which help keep them from flopping all over the place and falling to the bottom of the box never to be seen again - a situation which my children recognize as something that "drives mom bonkers" and that should be avoided at all costs.  They may not abide by my OCD rules, but they at least are aware of them and realize the consequences of their purposeful non-compliance.
The kids really liked this project, and I really like my new storage containers, so win-win!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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