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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Science Experiment #25

The first few pictures are going to make it look like this is not a post about science experiments or activities, but it is - sort of.  On Thursday, our usual science day, we had to leave our house for many hours because our carpets were being cleaned.  So, we headed to the beach at Kohler-Andrae State Park.
 Some of our cousins met us at the park and we played in the water and sand all morning and part of the afternoon.  
 After the cousins left we headed off the beach to a shady spot where we could nurse our sunburns and work on the kids' Wisconsin Explorers books.  We did the pages on patterns and textures in nature, but such boring topics were tossed aside when two White-tailed Deer fawns, still in their spots, wandered into our little spot and spent a few minutes staring at us and wagging their tails. We stared right back. When they finally wandered away the kids were ready to wander on too.
We ended the day by visiting the Sanderling Nature Center and checking out their exhibits, and then walking the associated nature trail.  We were really hopeful of finding a monarch butterfly in all of the milkweed along the trail, but once again our search was fruitless.
We headed home tired and sandy, but with clean carpet and big smiles.
Happy carpet-cleaning, beach combing, nature-book doing, deer spotting, and hiking, everyone!

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