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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas Boxes

Are you done Christmas shopping yet?
I'm not, but I did already deliver my first 3 Christmas presents.
I don't know who they are for or where they will end up, but I pray that they will make some little child happy and that by receiving that gift they will be receptive to the gift of salvation too.
Every year, I pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child

I like to pack a box that corresponds to each of my children, so this year I did one boy box and two girl boxes in the youngest categories. I shop the clearance bins all year so that I can get the most out of my budget. It's fun to find all the little toys that children everywhere would love, along with some useful items like school supplies and toothpaste. This year Ian helped me a little, although I think secretly he was hoping HE would get the box.

When I explained to him that in some places around the world children do not get presents he was horrified and willingly gave up his treasures. When I told him that the children who got the boxes also got to hear about Jesus, he wanted to know what stories they heard. It was a good chance to talk to him about Jesus too.
So, as I rush around "getting ready" for Christmas with my 3 little kids, it is nice to know that 3 little boxes are traveling around the world to bring the true message of Christmas to 3 other little children that I don't even know.

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Jessica said...

This is a really good project for our kids to be involved in. Very nice post.