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Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy 4th birthday Ian!
Happy 2nd birthday Brynn!
In the past week, my two older children each celebrated a birthday. To honor this event, we invited all the family over for a joint cake-and-ice-cream party. Not just any cake will do for these annual get-togethers however. Since both my younger sister and my sister-in-law make special cakes for their kids' birthdays (they each have a child older then Ian) Ian wanted to join in that fun. In past years we have had fire engine and train cakes, along with a butterfly for Brynn. This year Ian requested a "camouflage army-guy helmet" and Brynn picked out "Hoppy the Bunny" from a cake book (Easy Cut-Up Cakes for Kids).
Like the book said, Brynnie's cake was pretty easy:
Step 1: Bake cake, cool, and freeze (easier to cut that way)
Step 2: Cut up one of the rounds
Step 3: Assemble pieces

Step 4: Frost and decorate

But how in the world do you make a "Camouflage army-guy helmet" from cake and frosting? Here is my interpretation:

I made camouflage by dividing the batter into three parts and using food coloring to get as close as I could to camo colors. Then I plopped spoonfuls of each color randomly into a baking bowl. After it was baked and cooled, I frosted it army green (or the closest I could get with food coloring) and added some insignia (I think I got the insignia wrong, but Ian didn't know any better). With a little imagination, I think you can see a "Camouflage army-guy helmet" there. Either way, it tasted good.

I just had to include this picture of some post-birthday fun: playing picnic with Brynnie's new tea set.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Sorry we missed the party. The cakes turned out SUPER CUTE!

Was that a new little person table? Also cute! :)

MommaMindy said...

Clever cakes! You are such a good mommy to make exactly what they want.

Jessica said...

They were very cute cakes. Too bad they have to be eaten so quickly, but I guess that's what pictures are for.

Brynn's little tea party must be some kind of USO service for little army men. :)

Jamie said...

VERY cute!

Bassett said...

Would have been SO FUN to be there!
Very cute cakes!
One of my friends here showed me some photos of cakes her mom made when they were was a flat cake, but with a little tribal village scene on it. Very cool!

See you guys soon! xo