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Friday, November 5, 2010

When Sewing Is Fun

If you had told my Mom as little as eight years ago (maybe even six years ago) that her oldest daughter was sewing and especially that she was enjoying it, she would not have believed you. My poor Mom had tried many times over the years to get me "into" her favorite hobby but it never worked. I knew some of the basics, but I just wasn't interested.

Fast-forward a few years and my Mom had a glimmer of hope: I started sewing an occasional skirt or dress, but only if I couldn't find ANYTHING to buy.

Another year or two went past and I bought my own sewing machine (nothing fancy and not all-together trustworthy, but functional). I think Mom was trying to hide her joy at this for fear of scaring me away.

Then, finally, the event occurred that made sewing FUN: I had a baby girl. True, she was my second child, but sewing for a girl is WAY more fun then sewing for a boy!

Tomorrow, that little girl turns two, and I have had a lot of fun sewing a few of her presents.
One was a patchwork quilt for her dolly that I made from my scraps. Most of the pieces match other projects I have made for Brynn in the past months. I've never quilted before, so I'm sure my technique would make a real quilter cringe, but it worked for me.

I also sewed her a dolly diaper bag (Brynn is really into purses, so I know she'll love it) and a nightgown. The bag is another scrap project, made out of an old skirt I was never going to wear again. I bought the flannel for the nightgown at Christmas-time last year, just because I liked it. It took me a long time to find a nightgown pattern because for some reason they are not popular right now, but a few weeks ago I finally had success and managed to finish the project today, just in time for her birthday.

So, happy birthday Brynn, and thanks for making sewing fun.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Happily envying your sewing :)

Brynn is one lucky little girl!

Jessica said...

Be still my heart.

I think I'm bursting!

MommaMindy said...

This is why I made all my kids learn to sew - even the guys. I wanted them to be prepared just in case. Ha. I'm smiling with your Mom. :)