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Friday, November 19, 2010

Project Migration

Remember this table?
The only problem with that table is that it is so full of projects to do that there is no room to work on them. I did manage to get Ian and Brynn's baby books updated and put away, but that didn't really put a dent in the problem. So, I have experienced the dreaded Project Migration. First, two projects migrated to the kitchen table: the dress got cut out and one of the Christmas decoration projects got started (more on that in another post). Ian joined in that fun.
He enjoyed painting rocks.
(He got that idea from a friend who visited for coffee.)

Then the Christmas decoration project migrated to the basement playroom. That project is taking much longer then I thought, but I think it is going to turn out well.
On a side note, that basement playroom is a project itself - I have some big plans for it. Now it is just a mess.
Most recently the ongoing Christmas decoration project migrated onto my bed from some post-kid's-bedtime work and TV watching. As you can see, one child missed the bedtime boat and happily watched me work.

Where will I be "project-ing" next?


~ Tandis ~ said...

In photo #2 I was trying to figure out why the big letters in front of Ian spelled out PSYC ?(psych) Then I noticed the bigger pile of letters also there.
I'm curious to see a picture of all these projects completed together. I mean, we've seen the project pile but now we need the finished works all displayed together too. :)

MommaMindy said...

Where to project, that is the question! I actually bought an antique buffet for the dining room that was supposed to be ONLY for projects. it worked really, really well until I bought more dishes than could fit into the China hutch. But, I used square containers that stacked well with a project in each one to make craft time easier.

The baby was my favorite project of yours!

Jessica said...

I can't believe you can find time to work on projects with a brand new baby in the house. Not the same type of baby I used to have, that's for sure.

Bassett said...

No room? You have a whole house!
My comforter duvet cover that I'm still working on just moves from the couch to the bed, and at bedtime back to the couch.
Back and forth...back and forth...

Jamie said...

I'm trying not to be amused. You mean you don't have all your little projects organized into separate bins? I'm not sure whether to pleased or disappointed ;). Just kidding, just kidding. I'm with your mom. I can't believe you're working projects with three little ones... one of which is still a tiny infant!