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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blair's First Project (Tuesday #1)

Well, the big day has finally arrived!
Today is Blair's very first project day.
She has trained hard for this day. First, she worked on muscle control and tone in her neck and back so she could sit up.
Then, watched her brother and sister and saw that they enjoyed it.
Finally, she started copying them, trying to do it with whatever she could get her baby hands on.
Blair's very first project is:
Learning to eat!
She sure looks excited.

Maybe if she could actually see what she was getting she would change her mind.

Her first spoonful.....

"Mom, this is a little bit weird!"

"But I think I like it!"

We'll try for a repeat performance tomorrow, where hopefully something will actually be swallowed.

A successful first attempt, don't you think?


~ Tandis ~ said...

That first picture looks like you cut her comb-over off! I was shocked! Then by the last photo the comb-over was back and I realized it was just the lighting. ;)
She's CUTE AS CAN BE sitting up like a big kid in the pod! She's so smiley about everything that even if she didn't like her food I couldn't imagine her pouting. What a doll!

Jessica said...

Dana, you are a hoot. I wish I'd thought of "blogging" back in the day when I was assigning writing projects.