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Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding Preperation, Part 1

Today is an official snow day.
I love snow days, even if I don't get to go outside and go sledding anymore. I send my kids outside instead (where I can see them from my window) and do projects instead.
I am happy to announce that I got the first of three projects for my sister's wedding done:
the vest for my son Ian.
Admittedly I have to wait until I can use my Mom's sewing machine to do the buttons, but the real work is done and it fits.
I also made cranberry sauce today, just because I wanted some.
I think food that so pretty is the best kind to eat.


Jessica said...

Oh my, that vest looks really cute. He is going to be little Dapper Dan surrounded by all the girls in their matching dresses. I might burst my buttons that day (with pride).

Jamie said...

How cute! Sewing little clothes is too much fun!