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Friday, January 14, 2011

You'd Think I'd Learn

Yesterday my kids were bored - they've done a lot of coloring lately since the weather hasn't been so nice for outdoor play (Ian tries, but Brynn gets cold before he is done playing and then he gets lonely). I decided it was time to get out a new project.
Brynn has shown a great interest in accessories lately, so for Christmas she received a bag of pony beads and some laces to string them on. I dug them out of the project box and the kids were thrilled! By thrilled I mean jumping around the kitchen and screaming....maybe that was just pent up energy, I don't know.

I put a handful of beads into a bowl for each of them, knotted a lace at one end, and then sat down to teach them how to lace the beads. They both gave me "humor Mom" looks and started doing it on their own.

I watched in surprise for a while, because I thought at least Brynn would need my help.

Since she didn't I decided to make supper instead.
Things went well for almost 20 minutes. They were making rather amazing progress on their necklaces and I was lulled into stupidity. I stepped out of the kitchen.
Tick, tick, tick...
The unmistakable sound of beads hitting the floor called me back.
"Mommy, it was an accident. Brynnie spilled her beads."
"Bryyynnnie, you have to be more careful! Well, I probably gave you too many."
We picked up the beads (a bunch went back in the bag) and Brynnie got back to work. I turned my back and - you guessed it - the bowl spilled. You'd think I'd learn.

No, I tried again. Brynnie lost a few more beads and I went back to making supper.

Tink, tink, tink.

Silly me. Thankfully Ian was done with his necklace, so we cleaned up beads one more time, tied the laces into loops and put the rest of the materials away. Brynnie was pacified with her "beau-ti-ful neck-luss" and I was pacified with mine. Thank you Ian.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Lovely jewelry. :) Now we match.

Jessica said...

Somehow I missed this post. Isn't it fun when a project is a hit?
I'm enjoying both yours and Tandis's writing styles. Who knew you could get people to write if you called it a "blog?"