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Saturday, January 15, 2011

She's Getting So Big

My little girl is getting so big!

How is that a project? Technically it isn't, but switching her out of her crib and into a toddler bed is. You see, there is more involved here then simply switching one child from one bed to another.

In our house we have (well, had) one pack-'n-play, one crib, and one toddler bed for three kids. However, that system is only going to work as along as the baby sleeps in our room in the pack-'n-play, and the plan is to get the baby into her own crib and room around the time she turns six months old. She is four months now, so it is time to get the change going.

The first step was to get Ian out of the toddler bed and into a "Big Boy Bed" (Little does he remember that the toddler bed used to be called the same thing). This step was almost a non-event - hence the lack of photographic evidence.

Step two is to get Brynnie out of her crib and into her "Big Girl Bed." This step presents an extra challenge because not only does she switch beds, she also switches bedrooms. AND, she and Ian go from each sleeping alone to sleeping in the same room. Yikes.

I decided to take it slow and start with nap times. She's been taking her naps in the toddler bed for about a week now. She sleeps fine.....when she finally goes to sleep. The temptation to get out of bed and play with all of Ian's toys is just too much for the first hour. Eventually it reaches the point of discipline and tears, which is followed almost instantaneously by sleep.

Isn't she cute snuggling with her dolly?

I'm still a bit nervous about the bedtime switch.

But I have plenty of time....Two whole months.....right?


Jessica said...

They are always beautiful when they are sleeping. Do you remember Bobbie?

~ Tandis ~ said...

It sure doesn't seem like two years ago that Brynn joined the fun. She is growing fast and life is changing fast too. Beautiful Brynnie sleeping :)

Dana said...

I do remember Bobbie!