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Monday, July 11, 2011

Finding Faces

In the past few days, Ian has been finding faces in inanimate objects. For example, yesterday he spotted a smiley face in front windshield and grill of a little yellow scooter. He's got a very active imagination, that boy. However, I think he might be rubbing off on me, because this morning I saw my sewing machine giving me a very mournful look.
I brought my sewing machine up from it's basement resting place because I had several mending projects that needed attention, as well as some ideas rattling around in my head to make some little bags and pouches using scraps. But first a day, then several days, and then a whole week passed without me taking the cover off of the machine. I think it felt betrayed.
When naptime arrived, I couldn't stand the guilt any longer, so I pulled out the machine and got to work.
Project #1:
Change the hem on this pair of shorts that just never looked right.
Project #2:
Turn my favorite pair of jeans into (hopefully) my favorite pair of shorts.
I also fixed a dart that came undone in a skirt, but I didn't take a picture of that. I dislike making darts in the first place, so remaking it was not a pleasant 10 minutes.
I think my sewing machine is smiling again - but you'll have to check with Ian.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Way to keep the favorite pants alive! :)

Jessica said...

Well, I'm smiling. :)))