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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sewing In Place

I know this is a little hard to see (stupid digital camera wouldn't focus properly), but this is a very small ant dragging a very large bee. It was quite a struggle, but the ant did make progress. Very......slow.....progress.
This past week, I have felt like this ant. I've been trying to sew a new tote bag, since my favorite carry-all lost the fight to a broken ink pen. However, this week has been so full of things to do, and even my prized work period (a.k.a. "naptime") has been so full of interruptions, that I feel like I am sewing in place. But, like the ant, I am making very....slow...progress.


Jamie said...

I hope you find some good, uninterrupted sewing time soon :-) I always try to jam so much stuff in during nap time, I'm constantly disappointed when it's over - you'd think after 2 years I'd have a decent idea of how much I can get done in the same amount of time each day!

Jessica said...

I used to sew late at night. Especially because the work-a-holic lawyer downstairs would actually be home then and not scold me for making so much noise.