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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hand Prints

On Saturday, while Daddy was gone, I mixed up a batch of cement and poured it into molds so that the kids could make "Hand print Stepping Stones" for my garden.

I had a little left over, so I rigged up a make-shift mold and used the last of the cement.

I guess I should have asked some better questions about cement, because I didn't realize before I mixed it that plain old cement would be so chunky. It made the hand prints a little hard to see, so we added some acrylic paint.


Jessica said...

You make me laugh, "I whipped up a batch of cement...." All in a day's work. :)

Aaron said...

This is probably my fault... you bought "concrete" not "cement". Concrete has little stones and sand in it, cement is just powder. I should've been more specific. The concrete would've worked too, if your stepping stones were bigger and you added a little more water than was recommended... we can try again if you like!