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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is Coming: Day 1

It used to be that I'd get home from Thanksgiving dinner, take down my Autumn decorations and then put up my Christmas decorations, all before going to bed. Now that I have is taking me a bit longer, but I'm almost there. With little kids in the house, the Christmas tree was a priority. They gave Daddy no peace until he took us to the nearest tree lot and picked out "The Tree." These kids kept on in the "no peace" mode when they picked sides and cheered on their favored parent in the debate of the merits of two different trees. Happily, in this season of peace, love and joy, harmony was restored and a single satisfactory tree was chosen.
Then, we had to get the tree home. Since I can't drink hot chocolate anymore, we skipped the stop at Culver's for a mug (after all, it isn't really a tradition if it has only happened once before). The next morning, the tree was ready for decorations. Ian and Brynn moved at light-speed, running with ornaments from the box to the tree. When we reached the bottom of the box, they were very proud of their tree:
When I finally caught my breath and had a second to inspect, I discovered that there were no decorations higher then 40 inches above the ground. I also discovered that Ian had carefully hung two ornaments in each place and that Brynn had even more carefully hung ALL of her ornaments in the same place.
I carefully rearranged them for a more even distribution without hurting anyone's feelings. Now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Jessica said...

Aren't kids the funniest people?

Aaron said...

I may be fatally biased, but don't we have the cutest kids on the entire planet?