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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy Day

For a whole host of reasons, the last few days have been a bit crazy around here. I guess that's my excuse for waiting until Thursday to blog about Monday. Monday wasn't exactly normal itself, but it was one of those days that everything just seemed to fall into place. School was finished much more quickly then usual, and the usual weekend recovery went much more smoothly then usual. I even managed to get the bathroom closet reorganized without too much stress. When I am having that sort of day, I always feel compelled to take advantage of it, and get as much checked off the old list as possible, because those days rarely come two-in-a-row.
The first project has been on my mind for a while. I wanted some bulletin boards to organize my "To Do" list. (Yes, I realize that organizing a "to do" list might be considered at least excessive and at most weird, but I am willing to accept those labels - as long as I can have the organization I want.) This project was also an opportunity to try out some color combinations for our future master bedroom. So, I got 3 12"x12" cork boards and some fabric.

Using hot glue, I wrapped the cork board in the fabric, and then added a loop of string to hang the boards.

Then I hung them in my room. Obviously that nasty dirty blue is not a color choice I made. We have two greens picked out for the bedroom project, and I am experimenting with grey. In case you can't read the labels, they say "Today," "This Week," and "This Month." Those boards really didn't take very long at all, so once the table was cleared off, the kids wanted to do a project too. I'm telling you, this was one especially productive day!
We made play dough.
If you want a recipe, there are about a million to choose from online.
That smell though, it brings back some memories of childhood. It actually brings back the TASTE of that stuff. Yuck - do not taste play dough. I think I need to get better food coloring, though, if I want to imitate these colors of play dough: Oh, and in case you were wondering? Tuesday, Wednesday, and so far today, things have not been nearly so productive. Maybe someday I'll get two in a row.


~ Tandis ~ said...

My 3 project boards would have to say, "yesterday", "today", "never". Hahaha. ;)

I think I will have to quit reading your blog until I am off this dumb rest status. Bleh! Sitting around doing nothing is getting boring and reading your blog makes me antsy. ;)

My kids were jealous that your kids got to make play-dough.

Jessica said...

I think there is special dye for cake decorating that is more brilliant than what you have.

MommaMindy said...

My mom always made play doh from koolaid, so you had a great smell and brilliant colors. It didn't taste good, though. :)