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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Lights

I think I've mentioned before on this blog that I can't quite bring myself to go "special decoration free" right after Christmas, so in January I decorate with snow themed items. Shortly after I finished my Finnish Stars (check back a few posts), I got started on a new project that I spotted on Pinterest.It seemed easy enough, so I didn't bother following the link and reading any helpful hints. I just bought some sheets of that really stiff felt, made a pattern, and cut out enough for 6.

Sadly, I didn't consider how difficult this stuff would be to glue, since it didn't want to stay folded long enough for the glue to get tacky. I'd have used hot glue, but the trigger on my glue gun broke a while back, and this project was just to complicated for me to manually shove a glue stick into the chute and manipulate the felt at the same time. Instead, my dresser turned into a miniature housing development as I used random moments to glue down, pin down and weight down the next joint.

But, I finally got them all done AND remembered to buy battery operated tealight candles at the dollar store - just in time for a real snowstorm outside.

I guess I'm a little bit proud of the addition to the new addition to my "mantle."


Dana said...

Yikes - proofread Dana, proofread!

Jessica said...

Wow, those are really cute and cozy looking. I love all your ideas and finished products.

amalison said...

Cool! I like these. Where do you get all your great ideas?