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Monday, January 16, 2012


Way, way back in September, my kids watched an episode of PBS Kids Curious George where George learned to use snowshoes. If you are familiar with the show, between segments of animated Curious George adventures, there are short segments featuring kids doing some sort of "sciency" experiment in imitation of George. In this instance, the kids made snowshoes out of cardboard. Ian extracted a promise from me that we would do something similar as soon as it snowed. I gave the requested promise and promptly forgot about it. One month passed, then two, then another. Finally, January arrived, and along with it (well, along with the middle of it), came our first snowfall. Ian dragged out the promise the moment the first flakes started falling. Thankfully, I actually had both cardboard and twine in house, so we got to work.

Ian punched the holes (and yes, he does have an upper half to his face - but getting him to remove his hat long enough to capture a digital image of it is a rare occurrence. Please don't ask me if he sleeps in the hat.....the answer is yes).

Brynnie (with a little help) did the lacing.
With a little help from me they got their snowsuits on and their snowshoes attached.
(See, you can see his eyes!)
Then they headed out.

But where are the pictures of kids playing in the snow with their snowshoes? Well, there aren't any. They discovered that walking in snowshoes is not easy, at all. Brynn never made it off the front steps, and Ian only made it as far as the driveway. Oh well.
You win some, you lose some.


Jessica said...

I would say you won because if they had actually made it further their snowshoes would've fallen to pieces and they'd have been angry and frustrated and back wanting more help from you.

MommaMindy said...

It's still fun to try! If you had discouraged them and said it would never work, they woudn't believe you.

I have a pair of Tubbs snowshoes hanging in my stairwell, you can borrow them if you would like. :)

Aaron said...

Looks like Brynnie is perfecting her "daggers" look behind Ian in that last photo...