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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Science Project

Back in November, Ian got this book for his birthday from his Great-Auntie Lynda.

He carefully went through the book and marked the projects he wanted to do....which means he dog-eared EVERY SINGLE PAGE. Mercifully, since he just turned five, he managed to lose the book under a pile of other treasures. I had several months to mentally prepare for an onslaught of science "experiments." Sadly, my prego brain is about as good at remembering this sort of thing as Ian's five-year-old brain is good at keeping track of his treasures. He finally found the book yesterday, but I failed to mentally prepare.

After 24 hours of begging, I agreed to do one of the projects, IF we had all the supplies. On page 8 we found "Cooking With the Sun." You line a bowl with tin foil, stick some mini-marshmallows on toothpicks, stick the other ends of the toothpicks into a wad of playdough inside the bowl, and then cover the whole thing with plastic wrap. We followed the steps and then set the bowl in a sunny spot for 15 minutes. During an inattentive moment, Blair managed to steal the first attempt and eat all the marshmallows, but on the second attempt, the marshmallows actually started to get a little warm and gooey. I think if we hadn't crumpled our tin foil quite so much, it would have worked even better. Yummy Science!

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Jessica said...

I hope your science experiments prove more successful than ours ever did. I guess if you can wind up eating them no matter what, then it's considered a success.