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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ian's Project

I guess it is pretty obvious that I like to make things and do "artsy-crafty" creative stuff.  My kids usually join in the fun too.  This week though, instead of coloring and painting and writing stories just for fun, Ian had to prepare some submissions for a county-wide 4-H Communication Arts Festival.  He decided (under maternal pressure and direction) to do one art project and one story.  

During the early stages he had a lot of fun.  Coming up with drawing and painting ideas comes pretty naturally to six-year-olds.  
He had NO trouble concentrating.
He came up with several possible entries for the art project, but finally decided on the self-portrait
(which is, of course, the one I didn't get a picture of).
Then, in the writing assignment, he had to make revisions.  The fun and excitement began to wear off.  It started to seem like "work."  During the final, neat copy step, the once fun project became pure drudgery.  He stuck with it though, and produced a legible 167-word story to turn in to the judges.  It became a lesson in determination and hard work, but when he turned his entry in at the 4-H office yesterday he had forgotten all  the frustration and he was as proud as could be.  I am pretty proud too!
Oh, you wanted to read the story?  Here you go:

The Mission of the Cameron

During the time of the Civil War there was a submarine called the Cameron.  One night they were searching for enemy ships.  All of a sudden, BAM, they had been attacked!  The Cameron began to move around, looking around for a good position to shoot back.  All the sailors could hear was blowing up bombs.  Then they were hit!  The captain, who was named David, said “Men, get the wood and fix the leak in the Cameron.”  Just in time they fixed the leak.  Then a sailor yelled, “Captain David, the enemy is only two miles away and we are not prepared to fight another battle!”  Captain David said “Hmmmm.  We either have to charge or run away.”  He decided to fight.  This is his plan.  He was going to sneak up behind the enemy and shoot.  Then he told his men what to do.  Quietly, the Cameron snuck up behind and shot a torpedo.  The enemy blew up.  The sailors yelled “Hurrah!”  Their mission was over.

The End


Anonymous said...

Ah - I remember the cycle of excitement, boredom, drudgery, and pride... come to think of it, that describes quite a bit of my job right now. :) JM

~ Tandis ~ said...

His story is pretty entertaining. A ship named Cameron? Haha.

I hope he does well in the 4-H event. It will be fun to see his things at the fair this year too.

margo said...

His concentrating face is the best. :)

Jessica said...

Your blog hates me.