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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Lost Project

I have a confession to make.  
I lost a project.
It is inexcusable and I am burying my head in shame right now.  Please try to understand - I didn't do it on purpose.  Here is how it happened.  Way back in December I bought that green and red fabric to recover that strangely shaped pillow.  I added it to my pile of projects, confident that before Christmas arrived I would complete this fairly simple task.  It wasn't a high priority, however, so after moving it from place to place for a few days, I decided to "put it away" until I had time to deal with it.  Oops.  I put it away so well that I forgot about it.
Last week I was looking for something else that I had put away, and I discovered this unfinished project.  It had waited for me all these weeks, and now it demanded to be finished.  I just couldn't let it down.
I solemnly promise that I will never lose another project again.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Now you're back at my level! :) hehe.

Aaron said...

Your dereliction has filled this house with shame.

Jessica said...

You may leave the Scottish plaid pillow out as long as your Christmas lights are not still outside.