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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Print Making

This past Project Day was a little unusual.  For the past two weeks, "THE COLD" has been passing through our extended family.  It is a long lasting and very unpleasant bug, and seems to strike the smallest members especially hard, so nobody will be sad to see the last of it.  Since several of the smallest kids were still sick this week we discussing cancelling Project Day, but instead Grammie packed two of the biggest not sick kids into her jeep and sallied forth to our house, where the germ had not exerted it's full power.
She brought with her a brand new project to try: Print Making
Step 1: On the flat bottom of a styrofoam plate, "draw" a picture or make a pattern (If you write words make sure to write the letters backwards and in reverse order).
Step 2: Apply ink to the picture (Grammie brought water-based ink and a brayer - proper print-making tools, but I think paint and a foam brush would probably work fine for kids).
Step 3: Turn the plate over and press on to the paper.  Be sure to use LOTS of pressure, and don't slide the plate.
Step 4: Carefully lift up the plate.  
Ta-da, a print.
It was a definite hit with the kids, and I have a few ideas of my own for ways to use this technique.

Happy Project Day, everyone!


Jessica said...

I was very pleased with the results. Much, much easier (and less bloody) than making linoleum block prints.

Krista Low said...

What a fun idea! My boys will love this. Thanks so much for sharing this, we love art projects at my house!

Dana said...

Thanks Krista - I hope you and your boys have lots of fun!