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Monday, February 18, 2013


At least a year ago, and possibly two, I noticed that using alphabets as wall art seemed to be the "in" thing to do.  Since I like calligraphy and typography and letters in general I was intrigued by the idea, but I didn't really see a place for it in my house, so the idea was pushed to the back burner of my brain.  Then, almost exactly a year ago, the time was right to fix all the problems of the basement room that was destined to be our school room.  (Read about it here and here.)  The idea of an alphabet wall seemed like a natural fit for a school room, so I began collecting letters.  I wanted variety, so I kept my eyes open for different shapes and materials.
A-B: Craft wood letters with acrylic paint
F: Craft wood covered with scrapbook paper
E: Purchased block letter with metal hook
G: Foam letter with puff-painted outline
H: Craft wood covered with scrapbook paper
I: Crayons glued to poster board and framed
J-K: Twisted and formed pipe cleaners
L: Wood board with string wrapped around nails
to make the letter outline; M: Christmas ornament
N: Painted craft wood; O: Yellow foam
P: Yarn-wrapped cardboard; Q: Triple layers of felt,
quilted together and trimmed; R: Chalkboard
S: Floral wire wrapped in ribbon
T: Pony beads glued to craft wood; W: Multi-
colored crayon on paper; U: Buttons glued to poster
board; V: Crayon rubbing on corrugated cardboard
X: Oak tree twigs glued together; Y: Craft
wood painted with glitter paint;
Z: Purchased metal sign letter
Today I finally completed all the letters, so I hauled out my Trusty glue gun (It is called Trusty because it still works, even though I broke the trigger and have to feed the glue manually.  Tools broken in the line of duty deserve names.) and began attaching magnets to the backs of each of the letters.
If you are wondering why I needed magnets to hang the letters on a wall, it is because I made a change in my plan.  I decided to dress up the heating duct that runs the length of the school room ceiling instead of using a wall.  
Pretty cool, huh?


~ Tandis ~ said...

First of all, before I address the "how cool is that" I must address the, "back burner of my brain".

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Back burner of your brain? If my front burner worked like I wanted it to I'd be happy. :) HAHAHA!!!

NOW to the, "how cool is that". It is VERY VERRRRY cool! I need to come visit and go see it for myself. :)

Dana said...

Oh Tandis - don't sell yourself short. Your brain has a back burner and it works just fine. So does your front burner.

Aaron said...

The "A", "D", and "K" look particularly awesome - or is that mybias talking?