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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Art in the Family

 Being "artsy" runs in the family.  My grandpa went to art school and was an art teacher his whole career.  After he retired, he taught an art class every week to the home school group that my mom was a part of until my youngest sister finished up a few years ago.  All the years my grandpa taught the home school kids, my mom assisted.  She's pretty artistic herself, and now she teaches her own grandkids on Project Days.  Maybe if I help her out long enough, I'll finally learn to draw.....but I digress.

This week, when we arrived for Project Day, my mom was unloading a box of goodies that my grandpa had cleaned out of his basement.  They were old samples and extra materials that he had collected during his years of teaching.  He realized he was never going to use them (the "collect and save art supplies" gene runs deep too), so he passed them on to us.  Those boxes may be old, but the crayons were fantastic.  The colors were much more intense and a lot less waxy then some of the crayons you can get these days.
 My sister-in-law suggested we open an Etsy shop and sell these "vintage" crayons instead of using them.  She might be on to something there!
 Instead, we used them.  Grammie had another fun lesson illustrating the versatility of the crayon.
 They started out with a black crayon and drew the outline of a face and the basic features.  Then, still using the crayon, they drew lines across the face to divide it into sections.  Within each section they could color whatever pattern they liked.  At first they had a hard time understanding that these pictures were not supposed to look "real", but eventually they really go into it.
Thanks for the art supplies Great-Grandpa!

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~ Tandis ~ said...

I love, love, love vintage looking stuff. Those crayon boxes are so neat.

I think you should save them, Dana, and put them in a shadow boxed in a creative way. It could hang in your school room - just for coolness sake.

Anonymous said...

What a treasure. I have a lot of old school supplies, but none of them are from the family. I love the idea of displaying them.

Wish we lived a little closer. would love to join project days!

Jessica said...

Mindy, you and Becca would fit right in. :)

Those crayons WERE awesome.