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Monday, April 8, 2013

I Got Things DONE This Weekend

This past weekend was all about finishing up projects that I had started during the week but had never completed.  One of those projects was this tray, which I started over a week ago and worked at in fits and starts.  Waiting for each layer of paint to dry left so many opportunities for distraction.  I didn't end up finishing the last bit until yesterday evening (almost missed the weekend deadline!).
If, by chance, you are interested in making a similar tray, check out the instructions on this blog.  I found her idea via Pinterest, and I should have paid more attention to her instructions, because my lack of method ended up being a lot of extra work.
I also sewed the jacket that was supposed to go with Brynn's Easter dress.  I should have done it last weekend, because it went much faster then I had anticipated.  
On Sunday morning I took pictures of the two girls together, all dressed up.  That turned out to be a project in itself.
The last project I finished during the weekend had to do with this young lady's wardrobe.  As you can see, she's a bit of a clothes horse, thanks to hand-me-downs from cousins and friends.  However, she has been growing lately, and we needed to sort out what still fit and what was too small.  She had great fun trying things on - even when my idea of what fit and her idea of what fit differed.  After several hours (yes, I think it took us two hours all together) we had everything sorted and the rejects stuffed into a laundry basket, to be dealt with at a future date.
What did she say when we were all done?  "MOM, my closet is too EMPTY.  We need to go shopping."
Sigh.  That is a project for a different weekend (maybe a different year).
Did you get anything done this weekend?

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Jamie said...

Very impressive! You inspire me to tackle the PILES of clothes to sort through in my sewing room - two new batches of hand-me-downs, plus outgrown clothes x2 girls has turned the room into an utter disaster. Then throw in the leftover mess from Easter dress sewing :-(

Jessica said...

Brynn is so funny; how many times has she ever gone clothes shopping for herself? Once? Ever?

Jessica said...

Brynn is so funny; how many times has she ever gone clothes shopping for herself? Once? Ever?

Aaron said...

That "arns on throat in loving embrace" picture looks... familiar...

Dana said...

@Aaron - she must have inherited that from her father....=)

Anonymous said...

Shopping? Sounds like my daughters. The thing I loathe (except for thrift stores) is the thing my daughters love (except for thrift stores.)

You get so much done in a week, Dana, I think I need to sneak over and put a few of MY projects on YOUR list.

Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog said...

Cute tray and even cuter kiddos! :) I popped over from Real Family Fun--thanks for sharing!

~Abby =)