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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Remembering Stilts

Never, ever, ever doubt the memory of your children.
When you tell them to do a job, and they don't do the job, and then they tell you "I forgot," don't believe them.  When you ask them, "What did I just say to you?" and they answer, "I don't know, I can't remember!" do NOT  believe them.  I have PROOF that their memories are better then that.

About a month ago I bought some cans of soup.  It was chicken noodle soup (I wanted to prove that my memory works too).  For some reason, the cans of soup made me nostalgic for my childhood, and I said to my kids "After we eat this soup, remind me to show you how to make the cans into stilts."  They seemed mildly interested, but were soon distracted by some other, shinier marketing ploy in the grocery store aisle and the subject of stilts seemed to be forgotten.

Fast forward a month.  As meal time neared, my oldest child approached me to ask his usual question: "What are we eating for lunch?"  I innocently replied "Chicken Noodle soup, I think."  Instantly I was mobbed by two howling hooligans screaming "YOU PROMISED US WE COULD MAKE STILTS!  YOU PROMISED US WE COULD MAKE STILTS!  YOU PROMISED!"  See what I mean?  Their memories work just fine.

So, later that day we made the stilts.  It turned out to be good timing because it was raining outside (again) and the kids were in need of some new distraction.
Ian used a nail to punch two holes in the sides of each can.
Brynn threaded twine through the holes and I tied the ends together to make the loop handles.
Then they practiced balancing.
Now, if only I could get them to remember to brush their teeth every morning!


margo said...

Super cute!

~ Tandis ~ said...

I laughed at your (because I have to prove my memory works too) comment. :)

I love that Brynn is making her stilts in her pink silk party dress. HAHA! That girl cracks me up.

I agree 100% about the fact that kids remember EVERY. LITTLE. THING.
...when they feel like it. :)

Jessica said...

Yep, I was also laughing at the princess stilt-walker.

Pamela said...

This is just too cute! Make me laugh. I remember making them, too. I love a momma who can rearrange her schedule to include some fun.