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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dressing Up My Clothespins

We finished up our last school workbook on Monday. (Yes, I know Monday was a holiday, but when the student is motivated to finish the book, you let the student do it, holiday or no holiday).  It was a lovely feeling to be finished with the "school schedule" for a few months.  But, wouldn't you know it, on Tuesday it rained.  What a bummer for the first day of summer vacation!
At our house, painting is always a mood improver, so out came the paints.  I had recently gotten some new clothespins (certain unnamed junior family members absconded with all the old ones) and I thought it would be fun to perk them up.  With all the laundry I do at my house, I need plenty of help to keep me cheerful and motivated while I work.  So, I took them apart, and let the kids decorate them.
Blair used her favorite colors: "poe-puhl" and "light poe-puhl".
Some paint got onto other things.  "I didn't REALLY mean to, Mom, my brush was slippery."
They took several hours to dry and then I had to put them all back together.  Putting clothespins together is much harder on your thumb and fingernails then taking them apart - just so you know.
And then, of course, I had a load of laundry all ready to try out.  And there is another one waiting in the washer....and about six more waiting on the laundry room floor....and at least another load currently being carried around on the bodies of the junior set....and.....but I digress.
Happy laundry, everyone!  Maybe you would feel better about it if you got to use fancy clothespins!

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~ Tandis ~ said...

"So, I took them apart" WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! You have patience that I will never have!

"The brush was slippery" hahaha!!

I love how you type what Blair says.

Jessica said...

Yes, why DID you take them apart?

Dana said...

I took them apart because I figured if I left them intact the paint would either stick the two parts together or get caked into the spring and wreck that.

jmommymom said...

I have never in my life succeeded in putting a clothespin back together. I think painting them was a great idea. My kids would love that project.

KC Coake said...

Looks like a fun and messy project! Those are usually the best kind. Thanks so much for linking up at the Real Family Fun link party! Hope to see you next week.