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Friday, May 3, 2013

Unproject Day

On Wednesday afternoon the weather was so lovely out that I in a weak moment I tossed my planned To-Do list to the light breeze and went outside with the kids instead.  Let me tell you, going off-list is a major life accomplishment.  Still, I couldn't do just nothing, so I grabbed my rake and started cleaning up the back yard.  I like doing yard work, though, so it was really fun and not work.  It is!  Cam hung out with me, standing in his walker(which doesn't move on grass very well), so I was also able to burn the junk I raked up, too.  Bonus!
In other parts of the yard, the Revolutionary War was being re-enacted,
mud was being splattered,
and mud pies were being mixed.
Brynnie, with much encouragement (perhaps threatening comments is more accurate) from her big brother, learned how to pump herself on the swings.  Once she learned, she practiced for almost an hour straight.  Such a proud big girl moment.
Then, we ended the day with supper on the patio.
Here's Cam, the hunter-gatherer.  After rejecting his supper and swishing it all off of his tray, I caught him eating the exact same food from off the ground.  It's a good thing he is such a cute little stinker!
The next day the weather took a downturn, so it was back on task.  But, if it ever warms up again, I may have to give this "forget the to do list" thing another try!


~ Tandis ~ said...

It looks like you had the perfect spring day. I love eating outside too.

Jessica said...

Got quite a kick out of your "going-off-list" comment.

Aaron said...

How does Cam's Nazgul-like squak carry in open-air? Pray for that boy....