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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Camping IS a Project

Anything that takes the amount of preparation that camping takes is certainly a project. Last weekend we headed of on a project to Trempealeau County in western Wisconsin. We camped at Perrot State Park (along with all the duck hunters who got some good shooting around 6:30am. Why did I used to think that was so much fun?)

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon at a Pumpkin Farm and Corn Maze. It was my first time ever in a corn maze, and it was a lot of fun. Ian enjoyed leading the way:

As well as punching holes in his scorecard at stations along the way:

Brynn needed a little help with the hole-punch. We also went on a hay ride which, despite Brynn's face, we all enjoyed. There were plenty of other fun things to explore, too:

In the evening, we huddled around our campfire, as the temperature dipped a bit lower then we expected:
In the morning, we had fun around camp - setting coyote traps was a real highlight!
Blair was not pleased with being stuck in her walker. She wanted to crawl in the fire pit! There is no reasoning with a baby who wants to MOVE!
At the end of the weekend we finished the hard work of the project by taking down camp - a job that always takes longer then it should. However, we had a great time and can't wait for next summer to take another project....I mean camping trip.


Aaron said...

And it's so awesome that I did all the packing

Jessica said...

I missed this blog somehow. I love the family picture.

Why is it awesome that Aaron did all the packing?