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Monday, May 9, 2011

Back In the Sewing Saddle

I think my sewing machine was glad we went on vacation, because it needed a break.

But, break time is over and sewing projects are queueing up (I love that word, queue, such a fancy way of saying "line.).

Here is my first project:

It was also my first solo adventure into "Tailoring" (also known as disaster management), since I accidentally bought the pattern one size too big. I learned that it is more complicated then just taking in the sides and shortening the hem. Using the cap sleeve option helped, but the back was a little baggy. anyone?

Here is Brynn's completed ensemble:

Being Brynn, it had to have accessories - an Easter hat from Target's dollar bins, and fun little gloves from Grammie.

Blair also had a polka-dot dress (not made by me) - variations on a theme - but she was sick, so she didn't get to wear it. Oh well.


Jessica said...

She was soooo cute in her new dress. I was amazed that you had it ready for Sunday since you were just cutting it out on Friday. I figured you must have had to alter it when I saw the difference between what I remembered the pattern pieces were like to the length of the finished product. Well done! Brynnie is a hoot with her accessories.

~ Tandis ~ said...

VERRRRRRRRY CUTE!! Brynn is hilarious!

Jamie said...

Super cute! And I'd say you did a great job if that was your first go at tailoring!