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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Excising the Tumor

We used to have this THING on the front of our house:

It was a wall-mounted air-conditioner, which the former owner thought would be a wonderful addition to the front-center of his home. Doesn't everyone want an eye-sore where everyone can see it? If the air conditioner wasn't enough, he made a cover for it out of siding. But, he didn't have corner pieces of siding, so he used cardboard. Yes, cardboard. And not only cardboard, but cardboard covered with duct tape. He painted it white, of course, because you always want your duct tape covered cardboard to match!

Thankfully, FINALLY, the time arrived to remove this warty protrusion from the front of our house. Aaron worked at it all day, and I think he learned the satisfying feeling that a surgeon feels when he successfully removes a cancerous tumor. Here's the view through the hole:

Daddy's helper:

Here is the man himself, closing up the hole:


It is amazing how much nicer our house looks after that one "little" change.

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~ Tandis ~ said...

That "one little thing" made a HUGE improvement. Great work Aaron. I am proud of you guys. You are making a beautiful home and working on it together is such a good thing for your children to see and learn from.