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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Season Finale

Since Spring is supposedly here (I have my doubts), the time has come to wrap up the official "Project Day" projects for the school year. This meant that we had to have a good project and a picnic. The picnic part was easy, but finding a project was a little more difficult. I knew it had to include painting, but I needed inspiration. Thankfully, blogland came through, and I found the idea I needed here.

Step 1: Paint small wooden letters and allow them to dry

Step 2: Attach the letters to small clothespins

The kids were so quick I only got one action shot!

Here are the finished clothespins. Each kid got the letters to spell their own name.
After the picnic ended (Mac and Cheese IS picnic food) and the friends left, I sat down and had some painting fun of my own. I'll need a few more clothespins though.


~ Tandis ~ said...

It was a great last project too. Thanks for another year or planning our fun projects. Also for sacrificing your home that we leave a mess every other week. =/

MommaMindy said...

I'm thinking about how easily this would turn into a phonics lesson. It would be so fun to cut out pics from magazines and have the kids clip them into the clothespin with the beginning sound.

Or clip them onto things in the house that begin with that letter...or pinch your sister or brother with them....:)

Always love to see your projects, Dana. You are so patient and inspiring for the kids and mommies.

Dana said...

Mindy - I like your ideas. I was trying to think of some "school" way to use them.