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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Project Day

It is time again for another official "Project Day" project. It has been many weeks since we last did one, because of vacation and other things. We were all happy to be back at it.

I suppose if I really had my act together, "Project Day" would be more like an actual Art class, and I'd have some sort of rhyme or reason to what we do each time. Instead, I just dig into my supply pile and find out what I have a lot of, and use that up.

Today I had lots of scrapbook paper. Single sheets of oddly colored stripes and shapes pile up in my box, because even though I haven't been able to use them in years, "you just never know."

Well, I finally found a use for them.

I cut them into 1 inch strips to use in weaving place mats:

After the kids enjoyed their weaving (with varying understanding of the process), they went off to play while we moms figured out how to man-handle the contact paper into place.

Here is one of the finished pieces:

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