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Sunday, October 16, 2011

We Got Us Some Catchin' Up Ta Do

Yikes, what a week! And not one I'd like to repeat again, ever. Let's see, where to begin.....a week ago Saturday seems like a good place. It was a beautiful and warm fall day. We decided to take a little ride to the pumpkin patch and pick out some pumpkins to carve.
Then it was time to head back home and do a traditional fall project: make caramel apples. Yes, I cheated and bought the kit with the caramel all ready to wrap around the apples. So sue me.Yummy!
The day after this lovely fall adventure, the hand of doom (think germs) began to descend on our family. First, on Sunday, the girls had cold symptoms. Colds are no fun, but no real disaster, either. However, on Monday, Ian turned up with a case of "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease". Not only did he get it, he got the extreme version. For the next three-and-a-half days he wouldn't open his mouth to talk or eat, because of the blisters on his tongue and gums. For a child not known for being quiet, this was quite a change. He was a trooper though, surviving on Popsicles and PBSKids.

Oddly enough, Ian's sickness meant I had an unusual amount of free time. I got my sewing/mending basket almost completely emptied! My favorite project was this "Little Red Riding Hood" that I made for Brynn's birthday.
After two days of watching TV, on Wednesday Ian emerged from the TV room bored. He still wasn't well by any means (and still wouldn't talk), but he was desperate to carve his pumpkin, so through sign-language and pointing, we managed to complete the project.
Sadly, although the pumpkin looked great on the outside, inside it was moldy, so I didn't get to roast any pumpkin seeds this year.
The next day we were still home-bound, but on the mend. Ian even began eating and talking again! I never though hearing so many questions would make me so happy! It called for a celebration, so I broke out the paint and birdhouses. These will look so cute in my garden next spring! As of this typing, nobody else has shown any symptoms of the disease, so I think we are safe to return to our normal lives. Yikes, do we have a lot of catching up to do!


~ Tandis ~ said...

I'm glad he's better and no one else is showing sick symptoms. It's not a horrid sickness like whooping cough but it's annoying enough to be hard. It sure makes 'em cranky too. Glad it's all over! Now to find the chicken pox and get them OVER too. :)

One thing about the bird houses. Those are the same ones we bought and painted for my garden. The glue does let loose after it gets wet so prepare for re-glueing or nailing or stapling or... something. But they will look very cute in the garden.

Jessica said...

I cannot believe Brynn and Blair have not gotten HFM. Your family must be EXTREMELY good at hand-washing. :)

Jamie said...

Perhaps an added bonus (?!) of Ian refusing to open his mouth was that there was no possible way for the germs to escape! There is no greater appreciation for healthy kids than the day you declare yourself free to leave the house! Enjoy...until the next round hits :-(