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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ian's Pinata

Last week was all about "Championship" preparations. We had to make ribbons (see previous post), collect supplies, make snacks, and most importantly make a pinata. In a small boy's world, pinatas are awesome because they are filled with candy and you can smash them apart with baseball bats.

I decided that since Ian was going to be making his own pinata, we would not go the paper mache construction route. Instead, we took a paper grocery bag and covered the outside with strips of fringed tissue paper.

It turned out perfectly!

My sister kindly took pictures of the kids smashing this beautiful creation, but I was having trouble with the files, so you'll just have to imagine a batch of toddlers and older kids bashing away at it until it broke open and the screaming hoard descended on the tasty loot. A fitting end to a Sports Championship.


~ Tandis ~ said...

Very cute. It was a fun championship! Sorry about the picture files. =/

Jessica said...

Interesting the 4-year-old conception of a championship. Also interesting is the purposeful destruction of a labor of love. :)
I love how Brynnie is always hovering in the not-so-background of all Ian's projects.