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Friday, October 7, 2011

Just a Girl and a General Contractor

Yesterday, a little girl named Brynn went outside to play. She had been given some new tea party equipment, and wanted to try it out. Her mother thought it would be fun for her to have a little "kitchen" under the slide platform of the swingset, so her mother found a board that would work to make a "counter." The tea party fun began!

Then, into the life of the little girl walked a general contractor, named Ian. He looked over her basic kitchen and decided that this poor girl was in desperate need of a kitchen makeover. After all, how can you possibly cook with 6 tea party kitchen items on one small counter? Brynn was a girl open to improvement, and she let the contractor begin the renovations.

Like all remodeling projects, this one was soon behind schedule and over budget. Brynn expressed her frustration, but the GC was a smooth talker and convinced her that the wait was worth it. While they negotiated, a visitor named Blair checked out the facilities. When the project finally ended, Brynn ended up with a completely made-over kitchen, an attic dining room, a living room with room for two chairs, and a chicken coop (the contractor felt that live chickens in the living room might be against code). Brynn's attitude toward the GC was much improved, and as a thank you gesture he was invited to a tea party lunch in the dining room. If only all home repair projects could end in such a happy fashion!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Very cute!

Jessica said...

Oh Dana, you are so funny. Who says Aaron is the only funny one at your house.