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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Day of the Dragon

Last week Thursday, sickness hit the Kolste house. In the realm of disease, it probably isn't the worst illness ever, but being stuck at home with sorta sick kids who are cranky and fussy but don't want to act sick is draining.  By Saturday morning, we were all sick of each other and the kids were sick of all their own stuff.
Then, somehow, I discovered that it was the Chinese New Year (or close to it), and that this year is the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar.  My kids LOVE dragons - especially since they learned that Daddy doesn't allow the bad ones in the house, and has been known to throw them out the front door - so this seemed like an opportunity not to be missed.
I pulled out my own "special, never touched by the kids" markers, and let them design dragons.  I don't think they heard a word of the Social Studies lecture I gave them on Chinese calendars and dragons and symbols and such, but they spent a solid hour not whining or fighting, so who cares if their dragons don't look one bit Chinese.  Those dragons have been a bright spot on the wall all this week as we continue to try and recover from whatever nasty germ is plaguing us.
Happy Chinese Year of the Dragon!

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Jessica said...

I'm laughing at the picture of the little pony tail popping up over the table beside Ian. :)