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Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Party Project

Earlier this week was Project Day.  Since all the people who attend Project Day have been percolating in the same stew of germs, we decided to press on and collect all of the walking wounded together in one place.  We also decided to up the ante a little bit by turning the morning into a Pre-Valentine's Day Party.
First, the kids got down to business and had their art lesson.  As always, the lesson ended with Picture Talks, where the young artists share about their work. 
Then, we moved on to fun party events, like making these "Spider-Web Hearts" that I found posted all over blogland and Pinterest (I haven't the foggiest idea who to credit, since I came across them probably 100 different places).
It was one of those projects I should have tested out first, because the kids had a hard time getting their yarn to stay in place on the floral wire hearts.

With a little help they ended up with some pretty cute creations.
Finally, there were Valentine Day snacks.  Probably the best part of the whole morning!
Giant heart frosting cookies and awesome layered jello treats (made by Grammie).
We LOVE Valentine's Day!!


~ Tandis ~ said...

We missed Ellie but otherwise "effort-wise" it was the perfect party. Enough for the kids to enjoy their sweets and morning together. I'm glad it worked out a week early. Thanks for doing a project. :)

amalison said...

I love ian's expression. Is he not thrilled to be making a lovely heart?

Jessica said...

That first sentence of yours really made me laugh. :) Good writing.

Jessica said...

Oops, as funny as the first sentence was, I actually meant the second sentence was the funny one.