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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Food Project

Around this time of year I usually get stuck in a pretty boring cooking rut, and this particular year has been no exception.  Add to that my high fiber-low carb diet, and frankly food has gotten just a bit boring lately.  So when my husband mentioned egg rolls the other day - with just a touch of longing in his voice - I decided I should try something new.  My dear young son informed me that this filling looked like "disgusting stew", to which I replied, "Well, I guess you'll be spending supper time in bed tonight."  He amended his vocabulary, but in the end he did not amend his opinion.
Anyway, I tried to make the recipe a little bit better for me by increasing the veggie content, and by baking instead of frying (although I did attempt to fry a few as well).  They tasted really good, and were a huge hit with Aaron.
Sadly, even with my changes, they were not good enough for my current baby diet.  BUT, as soon as this baby arrives, I'll be baking up another batch of these things, all for myself!
Maybe someday I will be a cook!


~ Tandis ~ said...

Ooooh yummy!! :) If I come help, could we make a double batch and I could share??

Jessica said...

Ooooo, sounds delicious! Were they tons of work?

Aaron said...

Personal testimony: AWESOME!!!!!

Dana said...

These things are so EASY! I don't know why we haven't made them before. I bought the wrappers in the produce cooler at Walmart, and the recipe is right on the back. Nothing too weird...most of it you probably have.