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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day or Bust

Last year at this time, I was posting a project a day, as part of a countdown to Valentine's Day. I had fully intended to do the same this year (since it's a good way to clean out my craft stash) but the "Great Germ Barrage of 2012" struck instead.  For the first time in my life, I think I might be able to sympathize with how the German soldiers felt during the invasion of Normandy.  No matter what they did, they just couldn't hold off those invading germs, I mean Allied Troops.  Anyway, after the first day's surprise sat in the Valentine's Mailboxes for three days before the kids even noticed them, I decided to tone down my goals for the holiday countdown. 
There have been good days during this epic germ saga, however, and on one of them we made some new garland to hang up.
My kids think putting up "dec-ur-a-SHUNS" is the most fun in the world, so even stringing scrapbook paper hearts onto yarn was an exciting event.....before they collapsed back into bed with whatever new superbug symptom they got that day.
But, at least we can look at cheerful garland while we rest and recover on our sick-bed couches.  Maybe we'll all be well by Valentine's Day.
If we are not, I don't want a dozen red roses from my husband.  Instead, I want him to bring home a dozen cans of Lysol, wrapped with a nice red bow.

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Jessica said...

Only you could work a history lesson into a blog about Valentines Day preparations. :)