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Thursday, July 12, 2012


How do you get behind on a "Get Caught Up You Idiot" countdown?  I don't know, it just happens.  So this post covers yesterday, and maybe there will be another for today later on.
I discovered yesterday that my children really have no idea what is about to happen at our house.  When I mentioned to Brynn that a wall was going to be moved, she had a small panic attack.  Then she forgot about it and went back to doing plies.
Ian expressed concern over his toy box.  When I assured him that his bedroom wouldn't be touched, he decided to draw a rainbow picture to celebrate.  The picture included an elf (also known as a leprechaun) and a pot of gold.  I guess he is dreaming of better days ahead.
My project yesterday was to empty out all the stuff that was stored in this...."thing".  That "thing" is actually the wall of the master bedroom.  I will not miss it when it is replaced by a real wall and an actual closet.
On a side note, we always find interesting things then we do house projects around here.  Last time, we found love letters from several of the former owner's mistresses.  This time, I found a box of flashcubes, purchased at a store that went out of business when I was a child.  We are still hoping to find a hoard of gold coins or a wad of cash, but so far Ian's pot of gold hasn't turned up.

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Jamie said...

You be sure to tell Brynnie that her plies look absolutely perfect :).