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Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Checklist: Stepping Stones - Check

The big news around here is that all the framing is done for our remodeling project, but I haven't been out there since that happened so I don't have any pictures.  That will have to wait until another post.  

In less big news, the kids and I carried on an annual tradition yesterday by making hand-print stepping stones.  Last year I tried to cheap out and buy concrete mix from Menards.  However, I don't really know that much about cement or concrete or whatever, and I bought the wrong stuff.  It had rocks in it, instead of all sand, so the stones we made from it were all rough and lumpy.  Oh well.  This year I broke down and bought Hobby Lobby's "Stepping Stone Mix".  Using their 40%-off internet coupon (and several trips to the store), I got three boxes of mix for $3.77 each.  I got the decorative marbles last week for 50%-off, and I already had the molds, so it really didn't turn out to be that expensive.

This is a project to try a mother's nerves, because there is so much temptation to touch at all the wrong times (Okay, admittedly I might overreact at this point in the game....maybe....probably not).  Ian also insisted on "checking" frequently after we were finished working, which I was convinced would result in a face or footprint superimposed on the hand print, but so far the results have remained intact.  The moment of truth is this afternoon, when we take the finished products out of the molds.
Cross your fingers people, because if these things don't turn out, I'm not going to get to cross them off the checklist, and I am going to be in the doghouse!

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Jessica said...

You might have Piper's snout superimposed in some of them.