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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not A House Update

The work on our house is progressing nicely, but I haven't been out there for in the past few days to take pictures of the new drywall and plaster.  So, no house update today.  But, lest you feel short-changed, I'll update you on the non-remodeling goings-on.  
Yesterday the kids helped me make skin-care products.  They didn't really know or care what exactly it was they were making, they just enjoyed scooping and dumping and mixing.  If you care, we mixed coffee grounds, white sugar and oil to make a skin scrub.  Oh, does it smell good!
Today we collected some nearby cousins and went on a nature walk in the woods near my Grandpa's house.
We heard noises:
Found bones in hollow oak trees:
And then the kids used their cute faces and pleading voices to talk Great-Grandpa into ruining their lunches with an ice cream snack.
Big Fun!
Stay tuned for another update.....

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