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Monday, July 9, 2012


Our lives during the past few years have revolved around our house remodeling projects, and this summer is no exception.  This month we are gutting our living room and master bedroom - as well as some other random spaces - in order to make the entire house more functional and structurally sound.  It is going to be AWESOME when it is done.
For the past while, my husband has been busy staging materials, plotting strategy, and generally preparing for this undertaking.  He is smart.  Clearly, I am not so smart.  I was thinking about getting ready to move with the kids to my mom's house for a week.  No sweat, right?  Suddenly, over the weekend, I had a rather belated epiphany.  It went something like this: "Um....uh-oh.  If we are going to gut the living room, the bedroom, the storage bathroom, and a closet, I've got to get all the stuff out of the way.....oh boy!"

So, I've started a "Get Caught Up You Idiot" countdown.
Today my goal is to get all the books moved to.....oh yeah....the other problem.
Where in the world is all this stuff gonna go?

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