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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My List Making Progeny

If you know me at all, you probably know that I am a "To Do List" kinda person.  If you know me well, you know that I very likely have a to-do list stuck in my back pocket, another one written out in my "This Is My Life" organizational notebook, and possibly a third one tacked up somewhere in my kitchen.  I freely admit that I may be a bit obsessive about my lists, and I fully support the non-list types, but my lists are a permanent part of my inner-most being and they aren't going anywhere.  So you can only imagine my joy when I discovered that there is another list-maker in the house:
Go to desk
get lunch
do school
shoulvell (shovel - the snowy driveway)
clean offois (office - also known as the card table in his bedroom)
rest time
See how work is going
My favorite is the "see how work is going"  item.  For a list maker like myself, having an item that is so easy to check off is a wonderful thing.

Did he stick to his list?  Well, he crossed everything off, so I guess he did. We list makers NEVER cross something off a list before it is accomplished.  However, I didn't see this little project on the list, which means he allowed himself to be side tracked.  This subject will be raised at the next "List Makers Unite" club meeting.  In case you can't tell from the picture, the project is a sign for Daddy, made from cardboard, scrap wood, football cards, scotch tape, nails, glue, rubber bands, and fabric scraps.  The first item on his list for tomorrow will be: "Clean up all the sign making supplies from the basement floor."  And I will be the one who draws the line through that item.
While all this list making and crossing off was going on, I was also crossing a final item off of my own list - the "Finish all the pre-Christmas Sewing Projects" list.  Today I finished the last one:
After an initial use tonight, I regret not making the shoulder strap double the width I made it and I also regret that I didn't put interfacing in the front pocket (it flops open too much), but it held just the right amount of stuff so I will still deem it a success.  It doesn't hurt that I received an unsolicited compliment from a complete stranger, either.  
So, with a new purse capable of carrying a whole stack of to-do lists, I can move forward into February with a brand new list of Valentine-themed things to do.


Jamie said...

Clean the it! Welcome to the list-making club, Ian!

Jessica said...

You are SO FUNNY. I laughed all the way through. Ian is too cute for words. Has he been listening to Frog and Toad?
Your new bag is the cutest thing ever!