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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Projects

This past weekend was pretty typical: a little work and a little fun.  The fun was mostly on my part while the work was almost all on Aaron's.  I finished up a sewing project that has been waiting for my attention since last September (one of those projects that I talked about here).  Blair was pretty excited to have a "new dwess."  Isn't that fabric fun?
Aaron worked on installing the shelving in our storage closet.  It used to be our coat closet, until we re-worked the guts of our house.  Now it is brand new storage space, and I had quite a bit of fun filling it up.

I'm thinking maybe a laundry hamper in this spot, but that would mean doing more laundry, which would NOT be fun.  Oh well.


Jessica said...

There is something very exciting about new storage spaces. You should see MY basement.

~ Tandis ~ said...

OH THAT'S WHAT STORAGE CLOSETS LOOK LIKE!!! Wow! How cool. Maybe I should go buy one... ;)

Your home is looking so wonderful. You guys certainly have worked for it along time. I am very happy for each new little thing that gets finished. Even if I am jealous. ;) JK JK JK.

I don't know if I would bother putting a clothes hamper IN there though. Kids can't even get their clothes in a hamper that is next to their door much less open another door and drop them in. Or maybe your kids are good like that... if so, send them over here. #2M specifically needs a lesson on where Dirty clothes go. :)

Aaron said...

Is it technically a closet if there is no door? Would it be foyer?

~ Tandis ~ said...

I thought a foyer was part of an entryway? Yes, it can still be a closet even if there isn't a door, I think... ??