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Friday, January 18, 2013

Second Best Project Ever

 When we arrived home from our most recent "Project Day", Ian announced: "Mom, that was the second best project EVER!"
I asked: "What was the best project ever?"
Ian: "Having snowball fights with marshmallows" (See previous post).
I'll admit that was using marshmallows for snowballs was a pretty awesome idea that I thought up, so coming in second best is still a pretty great accomplishment.  Good job, Grammie!
 The "Second Best Project" was using torn paper to create sunset backgrounds, and then cutting out black shapes to make silhouette pictures.  At first the kids didn't understand the silhouette concept, but since the early stages of the project involved ripping paper in to strips they agreed to give it a try.
 Oh, I forgot to mention there was gluing too.  Any project with gluing has great potential.
 Eventually they figured out that silhouettes were a little like shadows and they moved on to phase two of the project.  It helped that phase two involved cutting.  A project with ripping, gluing AND cutting is sure to be a winner.

 So know we know.  First place projects involve food fights, and second place projects involve ripping, gluing and cutting.  What do you think qualifies as a third place project?
Here's a picture of the younger set.  Their favorite project is to lead the action songs during our music time.  Aren't they adorable?


~ Tandis ~ said...

It was a neat project. Thanks Grammie.

I like that Jeta just happened to be doing the correct action for the song. For once.

margo said...

I remember that art project from homeschool group days, Gpa was a bigger fan of the crayon version I think. Cute pictures!

Jessica said...

Really? Your kids must have short memories. I thought painting trumped EVERYTHING!