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Friday, January 11, 2013

Cambo Catchup

My baby isn't so little anymore.  Well, he was never exactly "little", but now he isn't so young anymore either.  He is nine months old and he has suddenly decided that army crawling is something only babies do.  He is already getting pretty quick on hands and knees.
The day after he started really crawling he discovered that all the big kids were cruising along the furniture,
so he had to get in on that too.
After all, it's way more fun to play with the army men who are already set up on the coffee table instead of the occasional casualty who has fallen down to the floor.
While Cam was busy practicing his new moves, I finally got around to hanging the name banner I gave him at Christmas.  When I made the banner back in December I used wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, painted the backs and sides with grey acrylic paint, mod-podged scrapbook paper to the fronts, and then hot glued each letter to a length of white cord.
To hang the banner I just put a couple of nails in the wall (GASP) and knotted the cord around them.  It looks just right for a little boy's room.  I'll have to think of a really great project to celebrate the day that Cameron learns to walk!
Until then, I have a whole pile of sewing projects waiting for me.


Jessica said...

No doubt your kids all learn to spell their names at ridiculously early ages. :)

~ Tandis ~ said...

awesome new blog photo! oh great... now Jay and Jocelyn will think they need to walk since Cam figured out their crawling trick now. :-)
Way to go Cam!

Aaron said...

I still think making the letters in the plaid tartan of the Cameron Clan of Scotland would have been cool...